DA: No Endangerment Charges Against Couple Accused Of Caging Children

Two people who were arrested in Modoc County on Friday will not face child endangerment charges for keeping their children captive in cages. A search warrant was served at the home of Ramon Zendejas and his girlfriend, Mercadies Williams, reportedly revealing Methamphetamine, a Butane Honey Oil lab and guns. Modoc County Sheriff Tex Dowdy said Tuesday deputies went to the home in Tulelake to serve a search warrant for illegal firearms when they found the 22-month-old twin boys inside two cribs that were stacked on top of each other and attached to the wall. Modoc County District Attorney Sam Kyllo says the incident was “blown out of proportion” and charges will not be sought concerning the captive toddlers. The pair will still be charged with misdemeanor possession of Methamphetamine.


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