Escondido Man Sentenced To 10 Years On Drug Charges

A Southern California man busted with a lot of drugs while traveling through Siskiyou County has been sentenced. 27-year-old Ruben Ruiz Jr of Escondido was pulled over by a CHP Officer on northbound Interstate 5 near Mount Shasta in February of last year. At that time Ruiz was on federal supervised release after being in custody for another drug bust 3 months earlier. Upon learning that legal status, the officer had his drug detecting K9 take a walk around Ruiz’s truck. The dog alerted to the presence of drugs and a search turned up more than 14 pounds of Heroin. Ruiz made a plea deal last June, but he was unable to inform on his connections. He said he was supposed to have received a call with further instructions when he arrived in Portland, but he never arrived. On Tuesday Ruiz was sentenced to ten years in federal prison.


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