Update: Redding Joins County In Extending Burning Season

The City of Redding is extending the season for residential burning beyond the previous April 30th end date. It’s not known how much longer burning will be allowed. It depends on when this year’s fire season is officially declared. Previously, Cal-Fire extended the open burning period for residents of unincorporated areas of Shasta and Trinity Counties. May 1st usually marks the start of restrictions for those living below one thousand feet in elevation. A permit is required for those areas, but greenwaste can still be burned until the official declaration of the start of fire season. The extension is being granted because of the large amount of downed material that remains scattered throughout the area from the snow storm in February. A permit can be obtained online after watching a video at burnpermit.fire.ca.gov. There are different restrictions for Trinity County, and for the Buckeye District, and those need to be researched before burning. It’s also necessary to check and be sure it’s a burn day.


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