Woman Faces 28 Felony Counts After Alleged Illegal Cosmetic Procedures

More charges have been filed against a woman accused of performing illegal cosmetic procedures. In January, Susan Tancreto was charged by the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office. She apparently told her clients that she was a nurse, which she’s not, and that she worked for Dr. Larry Richard Pyle. She allegedly purchased prescription-only Botox from Dr. Pyle and then administered it at other locations. It’s illegal for anyone but a medical professional to administer Botox, and that’s only allowed under a doctor’s direct supervision, which didn’t take place. Tancreto’s clients were apparently led to believe that the treatments were legal, legitimate and safe. The D.A.’s Office says Tancreto also did filler injections of silicone, including to a woman who may now require lifelong treatment to her injured lips. Tancreto is also accused of administering prescription drugs. Since January, sixteen other people have come forward, also reportedly suffering permanent facial deformities and severe injuries. She’s facing 28 new felony counts, including mayhem, battery with serious bodily injury and the unlicensed practice of medicine. Dr. Pyle is facing a new charge of aiding or abetting in the unlicensed practice of medicine. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 2nd. Shasta County Crime Victims Assistance Center may be able to assist with medical bills associated with this case. Call them at 225-5220.


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