Deputies Use K9 To Arrest Man Barricaded In Bathroom

A man in the City of Shasta was arrested after reportedly threatening to kill a woman he lives with. Shortly after 6PM Saturday evening someone called 9-1-1 to say their next door neighbor on Parker Street needed an ambulance for some sort of mental breakdown. When Shasta Lake Fire and an ambulance got there, 38-year-old Melissa Miller said 28-year-old Jesse Sanborn had put a knife to her throat and said he was going to kill her. She had a small injury on her neck. The firefighters and EMTs left to wait down the road for deputies to arrive. When they did, the homeowner, 60-year-old Curtis Harris, was inside arguing with Sanborn. He came out and deputies tried to talk Sanborn out of the house but he ran to a back bedroom, saying he wouldn’t leave. Miller said his behavior had been bizarre the last couple of days, and he might be on drugs and/or having a mental health episode. He’s on probation for felony battery. Deputies surrounded the house and ordered Sanborn out with a loudspeaker. They tried to get him on the phone, but that didn’t work. Finally, they went inside with Hondo the K9, who found Sanborn in a small bathroom, where he had barricaded the door. It was forced open and Hondo slipped inside. Despite the dog, Sanborn continued to fight as he was handcuffed and taken away. After medical treatment at Shasta Regional, Sanborn was booked into jail on several felonies.


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