The Latest: PG&E’s Fire Safety Plan Recommended For Approval

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – California regulators are recommending adoption of Pacific Gas & Electric’s safety plan aimed at reducing wildfires in the state. Staff members with the California Public Utilities Commission on Monday urged members to approve the plan when they meet on May 30. The Northern California utility proposes shutting power to more customers more often during hot, windy days, beefing up tree trimming along its power lines and adding more inspectors, among other proposals. PG&E’s equipment has been blamed for the majority of major wildfires in California over the past three years. A federal judge ordered the company to dramatically revamp its safety plans. The California PUC is also being advised to approve similar safety plans for Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and several smaller utilities that, combined, supply most of the gas and electric to the state.


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