RPD: Man Bites Officer And Violently Attacks Homeowner

A man allegedly viciously attacked a homeowner and bit a Redding Police Officer Wednesday night. Officers were called about 10:30PM to the 2000 block of Vega Street after receiving word that a Chevy pickup had crashed into a residence. While on their way officers learned that the driver of the truck was fighting with the homeowners. Officers found 24-year-old Tyrone Joe Hill outside the home and say he was acting erratically. He allegedly charged officers and he was pepper sprayed and taken into custody. Officers determined that Hill crashed the pickup into two vehicles and a light pole and did not crash into a building. Hill was confronted by neighbors and he chased the victim back into their home and allegedly kicked in the front door and violently attacked the victim. During the attack Hill bit the victim in the face and forearm causing moderate injuries. Hill was taken to a hospital and officers physically restrained him. He reportedly bit an officer on the leg which broke the skin. He also told officers he was driving under the influence of marijuana. After being medically cleared Hill was booked into the Shasta County Jail. He reportedly gave arresting officers his brother names, but was positively identified.


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