All Hotshot Crew Members Released From Hospital After Roll-Over Crash

Ten Redding Forest Service Hotshot wildland fire crew members are recovering from a head-on collision last week that sent their crew transport truck tumbling over. It happened last Tuesday afternoon on Highway 299 just west of Burney as the crew was returning from a day of saw training. 66-year-old Linda Corr of McArthur was driving a Lexus eastbound when she drifted over the center line and collided head-on with the “crew buggy”, as it’s affectionately called. The Lexus came to rest on its wheels on the highway shoulder. Corr was taken by helicopter to Mercy Hospital in Redding with complaints of pain to her chest. The Forest Service rig rolled over on the embankment and came to rest overturned. A Hotshot crew in another Forest Service rig provided medical aid, as they had just been trained to do the previous week. Two of the crew members suffered major injuries and the rest were minor. They were all taken to various hospitals, but the Forest Service says they’ve all been released and are expected to return to duty in the coming weeks. The CHP is seeking witnesses to the crash at 225-0500.


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