Update: Man Arrested After Returning To Scene Of House Fire

The occupant of a house that caught fire in the Parkview Neighborhood was taken into custody after returning to the house after the fire. The unidentified man had a suitcase, backpack and other items with him. He was taken in by Redding Police on a charge that was unrelated to the fire. At around 6:30AM Monday morning, Redding Fire Department responded to a house on Smile Place to find smoke coming from a roof mounted swamp cooler. Nobody was there and firefighters had to force their way in. The old lath-and-plaster house was probably built in the 1930’s or 40’s, according to Redding Fire Marshal Craig Wittner, who says the inside was pretty chaotic. The cause of the fire is under investigation. One room was heavily burned, as well as part of the attic, with smoke damage to most of the house.


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