Charges Dropped Against Teacher Accused Of Child Molestation

A child molestation case against a Trinity County teacher has been dropped. 61-year-old David Frederick was taken into custody by Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputies in October of 2017. He had been working as a teacher at the Coffee Creek Elementary School when several alleged victims came forward to tell their stories. That launched an investigation that spanned several California counties where Frederick has worked during his 20-plus year career teaching elementary school kids. Many of his former students elsewhere were contacted and interviewed to establish probable cause for his arrest. If convicted, Frederick could have been sent to prison for life, but in December most of the charges against him were dropped for lack of evidence after contact was lost with some of the alleged victims. He was then released from Trinity County Jail on bond, after having spent 14 months behind bars. Frederick still faced charges involving one victim, but on April 26th a judge granted a defense motion to remove Deputy District Attorney Megan Marshall from the case due to her close relationship with many of the witnesses. Frederick’s attorney says that conflict of interest doomed the case. On Monday, when the trial was scheduled to begin, all the charges against Frederick were dismissed by the court. It’s not known if the Trinity County D.A.’s Office will attempt to re-file the case.


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