Update: Legislators Working To Resolve Issues With Camp Fire Cleanup

Two Northstate legislators have responded to complaints from some Camp Fire survivors about debris removal delays caused by environmental concerns. Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblyman James Gallagher say they’ve reached out to officials at the highest level of state government urging them to resolve this issue immediately and get these properties cleaned up. Fears of harming an endangered frog species have reportedly forced crews to delay cleaning debris from about 800 properties in Paradise, angering some residents anxious to start rebuilding their homes. The Sacramento Bee reports those tasked with debris removal have been told to wait until state and federal officials reach an agreement on guidelines to address the environmental concerns. Construction projects often require state environmental inspections because of concerns about sensitive species. Officials say debris cleanup operations have not been slowed by the environmental questions.They say there are 141 crews on the hillside, clearing about 100 sites a day.


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