Forest Service Will Not Sell Wild Horses For Slaugther

Animal welfare organizations are declaring victory in their fight to keep the Forest Service from allowing the slaughter of wild horses. About 900 wild mustangs were gathered from the Devils Garden Plateau in Modoc County in November because they were overcrowded and trampling the other wildlife. Around 650 of them were given to the BLM to offer for adoption. The BLM has been doing the roundups for years, but it’s not a familiar practice for the Forest Service. Many of the horses were adopted, but Front Range Equine Rescue and other groups feared that sales “without limitation” for a Dollar a horse would mean they’d be sold to interests that would export them to be slaughtered for human consumption. A federal lawsuit was filed and Thursday an attorney for the Forest Service said in court that the agency had changed its position and that no horses would be sent to slaughter. Many horses are still available for adoption, with information at 233-8738.


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