APD: Officer Arrests Alleged Burglar At Gunpoint

A burglar was caught breaking into a car in Anderson while carrying a duffel bag full of goods he had stolen from a nearby home, according to police. APD Officers investigated the break-in of the Ganyon Drive home at around 7 O’clock Friday night. An hour-and-a-half later officers were called by employees of a restaurant near the home, reporting a man breaking into a vehicle in their parking lot. The thief fled carrying the duffle bag toward the Gateway Shopping Center, and was spotted by an APD Officer. Just before the officer stopped him, he dropped a loaded 9 millimeter handgun from his waistband. He was taken into custody at gunpoint. The duffel bag full of stolen property, as well as the gun, was returned to the victim. 30-year-old Gregory Charles Bettis JR, who is already on felony probation, was booked into jail on several felony charges.


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