Dog Alerts Residents After Man Attempts To Steal Vehicle

A good dog chased away a bad guy trying to steal a car in Anderson Sunday night. The car was parked inside a fenced yard on Stingy Lane. At around 6 O’clock 37-year-old Joshua Adam Hagar, who’s on parole for burglary, was inside the yard when the owner’s dog noticed him. Hagar made a run for the fence but the dog bit him on the leg. Neighbors watched as Hagar reportedly tried to get into a shed in another backyard, but couldn’t, and then tried to steal at least two other cars parked on Sharon Avenue, but failed at that as well. The witnesses took pictures of Hagar’s attempts until Anderson Police arrived and arrested him. He was charged with attempted vehicle theft, prowling and Methamphetamine possession, and his parole was revoked.


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