Suspect Accused Of Elder Abuse Arrested

Anderson Police have made an arrest in a case of vandalism and elder abuse. On May 3rd, around 5:30PM, officers responded to Daisy Street on a report that an elderly couple’s window had been broken. The homeowners said they heard a loud noise, followed by the sound of broken glass. They went into their living room and found two round projectiles. The front window had been broken in several places. Police are also describing this incident as elder abuse. Police say that 35-year-old Beau Hunter Perry of Anderson, was responsible for the vandalism to the couple’s front window. They knew Perry, as they had previously hired him to perform chores around the house. Perry was apparently unhappy with the amount of money he got for the work. Perry was contacted by detectives and he admitted to breaking the window with the two metal projectiles he said he threw from the street. The case has been submitted to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office.


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