Man Who Bit Several People, Including An Officer, Sentenced To Prison

A man has already been sentenced for a vicious attack on multiple people that he committed just a couple of weeks ago. On May 1st, Redding Police were called to Vega Street after 24-year-old Tyrone Joe Hill crashed his pickup truck into a power pole and a couple of parked cars. When two people went outside to investigate, Hill attacked them, so they went back into their house but hill followed them and attacked them some more, biting one The victims on the cheek and the arm. The two residents were able to push Hill back outside but when he couldn’t get his truck moving he went back and kicked in the door of the home. He again advanced on the victims until one of them threatened him with a large piece of pipe, which eventually convinced him to leave. Officers arrived and Hill resisted arrest until he was handcuffed. He was taken to a hospital for injuries, where he had another violent outburst and started thrashing around. The officers tried to restrain him and he bit one of them on the leg, breaking the skin. When they finally got him to jail Hill tried to pass himself off as his brother, but it didn’t work. On Wednesday, Hill pleaded no contest to burglary, assault with great bodily injury on 2 victims, violently resisting a peace officer and driving under the influence of marijuana. He was sentenced immediately to 7 years in state prison, and due to the violent nature of his crimes he must serve at least 85% of his sentence.


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