Thursday’s Loot Reward Is Now $300

The search continues for the loot stolen Tuesday from the Golden Valley Bank on Hemstead Drive in Redding, as well as the identities of the dastardly duo who stole it. The annual mock bank robbery is part of the Asphalt Cowboys rodeo week activities. Turning in the loot and identifying the robbers can each be worth a reward of $300 as of Thursday.

The number to call to submit a guess about the identity of the Lone Stranger and accomplice is 223-1188.
Here’s Thursday’s clue:

A compass or a weather vane,
Might help spy them behind bars;
Research the county and city proper,
Pursue a bond between these stars.

Instructions for claiming the loot reward are attached to the loot. It’s never hidden on private property or anywhere that would be dangerous to retrieve it. Here’s today’s loot clue:

Towards Lassen’s morning shadow,
They stopped and had enough;
Played poker with the loot ’til dawn,
They never once had to bluff.

Thursday’s rodeo week activities include the Kiddie Pet Parade at the Mount Shasta Mall at 6PM. Kids and their pets should assemble starting at 5:30PM. Friday morning from 5 to 10AM is the famous pancake breakfast in “Roaring Gulch”, which is Market Street between Placer and South. The rodeo parade is Saturday morning at 10AM in Downtown Redding. Information is at


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