Update: Robbers Identifed, Search For Loot Continues

The Asphalt Cowboys will be paying out at least one reward after someone correctly guessed the identities of the Lone Stranger and Accomplice who staged the mock robbery of the Golden Valley Bank on Tuesday. The pair was identified Friday as Redding City Councilman Adam McElvain and Rich Paulsen, the owner of Lulu’s who has been hired to manage Jack’s Steakhouse. Aother $200 is still available for the discovery of the loot.

Instructions for claiming the loot reward are attached to the loot. It’s never hidden on private property or anywhere that would be dangerous to retrieve it. Here’s the final loot clue:

They were blocked from going north,
And old glory covered south;
With running water to their west,
They were caught in a terrapin’s mouth.


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