Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office Conducts Multiple Raids On Cannabis Gardens

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office has begun their annual series of aggressive season-long raids on outdoor marijuana cultivation. Although officials cannot forbid anyone in California from growing 6 plants in their home for personal use, all outdoor growing is illegal in Siskiyou County. Last week the sheriff’s office served 9 search warrants, mostly in the Mount Shasta Vista area. They seized 4,464 growing plants, 77 pounds of processed bud, about $5000 cash and several generators. One citation was issued, and one arrest was made when a man tried to run away as his property was being searched. Deputies also assisted the CHP in serving a search warrant on a vehicle impounded in a tow yard which contained 3200 starter plants. The sheriff’s office got help from a state task force, as well as six National Guard soldiers. Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey likes to calculate the maximum potential value of seizures. He figures a yield of 3 pounds per plant and $2000 per pound. By that reasoning, the future potential value of last week’s seizures add up to a dubious total of around 46 Million Dollars.


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