Appellate Court Overturns Trinity County Murder Conviction

A Douglas City man who’s murder conviction was overturned has been found guilty of lesser charges at his second trial. The Trinity Journal is reporting that Andrew Howard Hall has been found guilty of attempted voluntary manslaughter with special allegations of use of a firearm and causing great bodily injury. The case goes back to 2014, when Hall shot Eugene Walker, who survived the incident, on a marijuana farm in the Tucker Hill Road area of Douglas City. Hall could not be found after the incident and wasn’t arrested until November 2015. Hall’s 2016 conviction was reversed by an appellate court which said the jury instructions from the judge should have included information about “imperfect self-defense” in addition to “self-defense.” Imperfect self-defense can be found if a defendant actually but unreasonably believes he or she is defending themselves. There had also been an earlier mistrial in the case. Sentencing for Hall is set for June 17. Trinity County District Attorney Donna Daly said the sentence range for the convictions is 15 to 20 years in prison.


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