Cal-Trans Will Not Spray Roundup Along Highways In Trinity County

An active group of protesters in Trinity County have helped prevent herbicide spraying along state roads, at least for this year. According to the Trinity Journal, Cal-Trans has decided not to spray Roundup and other chemicals along state highways in the county. Led by the group Safe Alternatives For Our Forest Environment, residents have packed the board of supervisors chambers twice to protest the plan. The proposal, announced 2 months ago, was to spray four feet on either side of Highway 299 at certain locations from Buckhorn Summit to Oregon Mountain, plus spot spraying of invasive weeds in other areas of the Cal-Trans right-of-way. A resolution passed by the board in 2004 reaffirmed the county’s position that herbicide spraying is a public nuisance and encouraged people and organizations to use alternatives. Although not bound to abide by the resolution, Cal-Trans had been cooperating until March of this year. The protestors are not claiming victory and are prepared for further discussions. The decision not to spray for now is based primarily on the fact that spraying at this time would be ineffective, as the weeds are too high. Cal-Trans will use alternative methods of mechanical and manual removal.


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