Man Reportedly Admits To String Of Burglaries In Red Bluff

Red Bluff Police have captured a man they’ve labeled a “serial burglar” for a string of thefts dating back to last September. At 4AM on May 14th someone called 9-1-1 to report that some windows had been broken at the Chevron Station on Antelope Boulevard. Responding officers found the front glass door shattered, and 25-year-old David York was apparently still inside wearing a mask and stealing cigarettes. He was booked into jail, and detectives later stopped by to interview York concerning some other burglaries they were trying to solve. he reportedly admitted to burglarizing 10 other businesses and 4 different cars, as well as stealing a vehicle, tampering with another one and spray painting graffiti at four other businesses. The Tehama County Jail became overcrowded and since York’s crimes weren’t violent, he was released. When RBPD detectives learned of his release, they put together a warrant for his 20 different alleged crimes, as well as a bail enhancement to prevent his release before trial. York was taken back into custody on Wednesday.


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