Shotgun Thief Captured

As most everyone in the Redding area had their eyes on the sky Friday evening when the freakish storm prompted a tornado warning, Redding Police were trying to catch a thief. 62-year-old David Miles called police at around 7 O’clock to report that a man had come into his home on Cedars Road and stolen a loaded shotgun that was equipped with a pistol grip, tactical optics and tactical light. When Miles confronted the intruder, he fled with the shotgun into the woods to the west. The thief was quickly identified as 40-year-old Gentry Ching, because he apparently dropped some of his court documents inside the house during the burglary. Due to the wild weather, a C-H-P helicopter could not get off the ground, so officers searched for a couple of hours using a drone, as well as Otto the K-9. the search was called off at around 9, but two officers stayed in the area and about an hour later they could see the tactical light on the shotgun moving through the woods. By then the helicopter was able to fly and they helped box in the fleeing man until he was near a city water tower on top of the hill. As officers closed in on Ching, he reportedly brandished the shotgun. Otto was released and when his teeth sunk in, Ching dropped the shotgun. Ching allegedly kept fighting with the dog and the officers before eventually being taken into custody. After medical treatment, Ching was booked into jail on multiple charges.


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