Suspect Arrested After Fight with Police

One of Shasta County’s most wanted put up quite a struggle when he was confronted by Redding Police Sunday evening. At around 7 O’clock, officers were sent to Lake Boulevard near East Keswick Dam Road on reports of a man acting erratically. As soon as they arrived, 39-year-old Dustin Clemens began fighting with them almost immediately. He reportedly tried to take guns out of two officers’ holsters. More officers responded, but even with four officers and a K-9 let loose on Clemens, it took over 8 minutes before they were able to get him handcuffed and into custody. Otto the K-9 and one officer were injured during the fight and needed medical treatment. The incident was Deja Vu for Redding Police, who had a prolonged fight with Clemens on March 2nd at that same location before he was booked into jail and then released. He then failed to appear in court and has been wanted ever since. This was the fifth time Clemens has been arrested this year.


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