K9 Helps Officers Apprehend Suspect After Late Night Pursuit

A Redding man was taken into custody with the help of a K9 after a vehicle pursuit Tuesday night, according to police. RPD Officers say 51-year-old Grantland Gile ran a red light at Hartnell and Churn Creek at 11:40PM. After he was pulled over officers learned that Gile is on probation for domestic violence and his passenger, 29-year-old Sarah Schaar, had a no-bail arrest warrant. She was arrested and placed in the patrol car, and then an officer started talking to Gile, still sitting in his driver’s seat. He was allegedly reaching around the car and not following instructions, then suddenly started it up and stepped on the gas, nearly striking the officer as he sped away. Another officer took off after him as a high speed chase went through East Redding. Eventually, the pursuit ended at the TA Truck Stop on Knighton Road after Redding and Anderson Police laid spike strips on the road. Gile remained in the car as officers tried to convince him to get out. After negotiations failed, Hank the K9 was sent into the car after him. Gile struggled with the dog and the officers, but was taken into custody. After being treated for his dog bites and other injuries, Gile was booked into jail for several felonies.


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