National Forest Officials Warn Public To Avoid Illegal Marijuana Grows

As more people venture outdoors, the Forest Service has some tips on avoiding issues with illegal marijuana grows. According to Shasta-Trinity National Forest officials, if you encounter what you believe may be an active grow site, you should leave the area the same way you came in, make notes of what you see, and, once you’ve left, report your findings to the Forest Service or local law enforcement. They advise you not to linger or call attention to yourself and don’t touch anything that looks out of the ordinary. More than 400 illegal grow sites have been identified on Forest Service land in California. In early May, a multi-agency team hauled a tremendous load of trash out of federal lands southwest of Hayfork after raids of illegal marijuana cultivation sites. Eight different cultivation complexes were cleaned up in the remote area of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Several federal, state and county agencies participated, as well as private sector groups. In all, the crew hauled out 6,100 pounds of trash in 22 separate loads, including more than 5-and-a-half miles of irrigation pipe.


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