Cal-Fire Says Burn Permits Will Be Suspended Monday Morning

A weirdly wet winter with a lot of rainfall interspersed with long periods of sunshine has created a huge crop of seasonal grasses in Northern California, and very soon all that grass will be dead and ready to burst into flames. Starting Monday all burn permits are being suspended for the Cal-Fire Protection Area in Shasta County below 1,000 feet. The ban includes burning any materials. Agriculture, land management, and other industrial-type burns are allowed with a special permit from Cal-Fire. Information on what restrictions apply to what specific areas is available at 225-2418. The residential ban goes into effect at 8 O’clock Monday morning. Residents are urged to find ways to clear 100 feet of defensible space around their homes without the use of metal bladed tools. The work should be done before 10AM. Tips on fire prevention can be found at Although Redding Fire Department has not yet announced a burn ban, Chief Collen Kreider had said they would follow the lead of Cal-Fire, so an announcement is likely coming soon.


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