Homeless Man Reportedly Breaks Into Elementary School Freezer

A man was arrested in Red Bluff after reportedly trying to steal a large amount of food from a school. Just after Midnight Friday morning, Red Bluff Police responded to a burglar alarm at Jackson Heights School on Jackson Street. The alarm company said the alarm was coming from the outside door of the large walk-in freezer, and when officers arrived they found the lock had been dismantled and the door was sitting open. They quickly searched the school grounds but found nobody around. They reviewed surveillance and apparently recognized Sean Edward Stovall, a 41-year-old homeless man they were familiar with. He could be seen climbing over the fence and removing the lock , then making a pile of food taken from the freezer. He was seen fleeing on a bicycle before officers got there, leaving the food behind. A short time later a school employee reported finding Stovall hiding behind the dumpsters by the Community Center. When he was questioned, he reportedly admitted to breaking into the freezer, and still had two screws in his pocket that came from the lock. After he was handcuffed, Stovall started slamming his head against the hood and fender of the police car, reportedly causing about $400 damage. He was booked into jail for commercial burglary and felony vandalism.


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