Investigators Use DNA Evidence To Identify Burglary Suspect

Mount Shasta Police teamed up with Siskiyou County Deputies Tuesday night to capture a man they had been looking for. 20-year-old Jordan Stanley was suspected in a brazen burglary at a McCloud gas station last September. A GMC Yukon was stolen in Mount Shasta City, and then driven to the Chevron Station on Highway 89 in McCloud, where it crashed through the glass front doors and knocked over the ATM. The driver loaded up the cash machine and fled. It was all caught on surveillance video, showing the suspect wearing an animal mask and gloves. A short time later a Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the Yukon on Highway 89 and chased it at more than 80 miles an hour onto Ski Park Highway and Old McCloud Avenue before the driver stopped and disappeared in a cloud of dust as he fled on foot into the woods. A K9 was used to search for him but he was not found. Investigators found a piece of evidence at the crime scene and made a DNA match to DNA they already had on file from Stanley. He had previously been convicted of burglarizing a Redding jewelry store. An arrest warrant was issued and Tuesday night Stanley was spotted in the Alma Street area near Downtown Mount Shasta. After an extensive search, he was captured and booked into jail on multiple charges.


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