Weather Stations Expected To Help Spot Wildfires

PG&E is expanding its network of weather stations in an effort to reduce wildfires. By the end of this year PG&E plans to have at least 600 weather stations and 100 high definition cameras in areas that are considered a high risk for wildfires. The data provided by the weather stations and cameras will be monitored 24 hours a day by PG&E staff at the company’s Wildfire Safety Operations Center. The data will be shared with publicly including with fire agencies such as Cal-Fire. The cameras have been installed in 35 counties. In the Northstate, a camera has been installed in Shasta County at the South Forks Lookout, in Tehama County at Tuscan Butte, and in Butte County at Cohasset Hill. Two cameras have been installed in Trinity County near Oregon Mountain and at the Hayfork Divide. The data from the cameras can be seen online at


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