Officers Arrest Man After Infant Found With Multiple Serious Injuries

A man whose girlfriend showed up at Mercy Medical Center with a severely injured baby was arrested after admitting to causing the injuries himself, according to Redding Police. The RPD was called just before 3PM Monday afternoon after the mother arrived a the hospital with the 10-week-old child, who showed signs of abuse that included a fractured skull. The woman agreed to be interviewed, and she reportedly told investigators that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend many times, including numerous stranglings and one incident that made her lose control of her bladder. She at first refused to say that her boyfriend had also physically abused the baby, but when she was told how serious the injuries were, she reportedly broke down and said it was true. That led investigators to 28-year-old Scott Meigs of Redding, who also agreed to be interviewed. Police say he confessed to strangling and assaulting his girlfriend repeatedly, and also abusing the infant multiple times, saying his frustration with the crying child caused him to be “aggressive”. After hours of gathering evidence, police arrested Meigs just after Midnight for multiple counts of domestic violence, felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury. Meigs met the $50,000 bail and was released 22 hours later. More medical scans showed 15 total fractures, including many in various stages of healing, as well as abusive head trauma. That allowed the filing of more charges, including torture, and Meigs was re-arrested Wednesday with bail set at $550,000.


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