Parole Denied For Convicted Murderer

Parole has been denied for a woman who assisted in a cold blooded murder in Shasta County. In 1998 Paul Smith and two other people, including Paul’s sister Lori Smith, spent several days torturing 20-year-old Lora Sinner by beating her with a chili can and a dent puller until she died. The murder occurred while the four of them were camping in the Clear Creek area. While in Shasta County Jail Smith tried to kill a correctional officer. In 2002 Smith was sentenced to die, but that was overturned by the State Supreme Court. The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office opted not to go the considerable expense of an uncertain retrial, so Smith’s sentence was reduced to life without parole. The other two people involved were convicted of being accessories to murder. Lori Smith had a parole hearing Wednesday morning and Lora Sinner’s brother, Jason Sinner, was pushing for a denial. He was interviewed by Gibson and Bremer last Wednesday morning, urging people to contact the parole board and ask them not to release Lori Smith. Whether that made a difference or not, the parole has been denied for another three years.


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