Passerby Extinguish Cigarette Butt Sparked Fire

A fire Sunday at a house in the Creekside Subdivision caused only minor damage, thanks to some alert passersby. A little before 5 O’clock some people walking by the house on Waterford Drive noticed smoke and flames on the side of the attached garage. They quickly took action with a fire extinguisher and a garden hose and the fire was out by the time Redding Firefighters arrived. The two homeowners were there, but they were unaware of the fire. Redding Fire Marshal Craig Wittner says the cause was smoldering cigarette butts that had been discarded in a plastic trash can. It ignited and spread to a wooden shelving unit and to the siding of the house. Wittner says if it hadn’t been stopped when it was, it soon would have been in the attic. Damage is estimated at around $1500.


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