Update: Multi-Vehicle Crash On I-5 Sends 4 To Hospital

Traffic on northbound Interstate 5 was seriously curtailed Tuesday after a collision between Corning and Red Bluff involving multiple big rigs and a passenger car. The crash near Flores Avenue happened at around Noon. The passenger car had caught fire and stopped. It was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, which was then rear-ended by another big rig. A third tractor-trailer driver did not notice that traffic had stopped and his truck slammed into the rear of the mess at highway speed. That last collision started a fire, with driver stuck inside his burning cab as passersby struggled to free him. He was eventually extricated and taken away by helicopter with major injuries. A total of four people were transported with injuries. All traffic was stopped for nearly an hour, until the fast lane was opened up. The other lane would remain closed into the early evening.


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