Lake Shasta Just Feet From Crest Of Dam, Water Releases To Be Cut From Keswick

The swollen Sacramento River will subside some as water releases by the Bureau of Reclamation are reduced. At Midnight Monday night, 13,000 cubic feet per second was being released at Keswick Dam. By 5 O’clock Wednesday afternoon, there will be 10,000 CFS being released. Lake Shasta is currently 3-and-a-half feet from the crest of the dam, the highest it’s been in years.

Boaters are being warned as the high water on Lake Shasta has caused a lot of wood debris to become afloat, and it’s causing problems at boat launch facilities. Wind patterns have been moving the large rafts of debris unpredictably around the lake. When the wood comes to rest on the shore, it can be gathered with a free permit from the Forest Service.


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