Woman Arrested After High Speed Pursuit

A wanted woman led Redding Police and the CHP on a long pursuit Monday. Shortly before 5 O’clock RPD Officers were patrolling Poppy Hills Drive and Twin View Boulevard, known as a dumping ground for stolen cars. An officer saw a car that was reported stolen parked in the greenbelt with three people inside. When he spoke with the occupants, two were cooperative and got out of the car at the officer’s request, but the driver stepped on the gas and took off at high speed. The CHP picked up the chase as the car went onto Southbound Interstate 5 at Twin View, and headed south at more than 90 miles an hour. A number of spike strips were attempted, but none of them stopped the car. The driver turned around south of the Cottonwood Scales and headed back north, exiting at Balls Ferry Road and going into a residential neighborhood. When CHP Officers boxed the car in at a cul-de-sac, the driver rammed a patrol car, disabling the stolen vehicle. The driver still would not surrender. She pulled a large knife out from under the seat and started stabbing the steering wheel and brandishing the knife at the officers. A bean bag round was used to break out a window, and she then dropped the knife and gave up. Identified as 36-year-old Telena McCovey, she was booked for several new felony charges, as well as a couple of outstanding felony warrants.


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