Resident Beats Suspected Burglar With Baseball Bat

A man caught inside a house by the homeowner in Churn Creek Bottom early Wednesday morning was chased and beaten with a baseball bat before the arrival of Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies. At 3:20AM a man had apparently entered the Stoney Drive home of 66-year-old Mary Page through an unlocked front door. He was acting strangely and refusing to leave, so Page ran upstairs and woke up her son-in-law 50-year-old Robert Bass. He grabbed an axe and a flashlight and went downstairs to reportedly find 35-year-old Derrick Jones in the living room. Jones ran out the back door and headed toward a home across the street. Bass put down the axe and grabbed a baseball bat, then ran outside after Jones. While he checked his and the neighbors’ yards, Page called 9-1-1. Bass found Jones, apparently trying to break into the neighbor’s camp trailer. Bass told Jones he had called the Sheriff’s Office and he needed to wait there for deputies to arrive. Jones reportedly had a shovel in his hand, which he dropped before arming himself with a pickaxe lying on the ground nearby. By this time many of the neighbors had awoken to the ruckus. Bass says Jones held the pickaxe aggressively toward him, then tried to run away, but Bass struck him multiple times with the baseball bat and held him there until deputies arrived. Jones was taken to a hospital for treatment before being booked into jail for burglary.


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