Scam Artists Targeting Siskiyou County Residents

The Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office says people are being scammed, and it’s not just done over the phone. One elderly local man was recently targeted by someone that he allowed to stay in his home to assist him. The woman stole about $15,000 until he discovered his credit cards and checks were missing. Another elder was targeted by an organization claiming to represent law enforcement, which was soliciting money on the telephone and via mailers sent to his home. The sheriff’s office tried to find the organization but it apparently doesn’t exist. A scam that is very common in Siskiyou County is the “IRS imposter” call, the #1 fraud perpetrated against elders. Someone claiming to be from the IRS typically calls and says back taxes are owed and they threaten legal action, including arrest. sometimes scam artists will claim there is a refund check waiting and they’ll ask for private, identifying information that is used for identity theft. IRS imposters often provide badge numbers and return phone numbers and if a return call is made, the person answering the phone will identify themselves as an IRS agent. Those calls should not be returned. There are many scams going on, but the best advice for all of them is to refuse to provide identifying information to anyone over a phone or computer. Concerns can be addressed to a local law enforcement agency, and they can give advice on how to proceed.


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