Police Arrest Stabbing Suspect For Attempted Murder

An arrest has been made in a stabbing that occurred outside the Parkview Market last Wednesday afternoon. Officers were called to the location across the street from Redding City Hall and the police station, where they found 43-year-old Christopher Fitch suffering from multiple life-threatening stab wounds to his upper back. Police say he remains in critical condition. Witnesses said the attacker was a woman named Misty, who left on a beach cruiser bicycle. A surveillance photo was circulated by police. Friday afternoon the RPD got multiple reports that Misty was seen near the library. Officers contacted 38-year-old Misty Ledeen Dorman and brought her in for questioning. She reportedly admitted that it was her, saying she stabbed the victim because she thought he was going to drop an 18-pack of beer on her foot, and acted like he was going to punch her. She was booked into jail for attempted murder.


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