Trial Begins For Former CHP Assistant Chief

Testimony begins this week in the road rage trial of a CHP official from an incident nearly two years ago just south of Redding. On July 21st of 2017 a big rig driver’s dash cam captured footage that shows a Cross Petroleum tanker truck stopped on the Knighton Road overpass with a car blocking its way. A man can be seen falling backwards from the truck’s running board after apparently being punched by the driver. The man appears to be unconscious as he falls to the ground, his body limp as he bounces on the asphalt. Another man remains standing on the running board and reaches in the window, striking the driver before stepping down to assist the man on the ground. The truck then pulls away and goes around the car blocking its way. The unconscious man was apparently 50-year-old Todd Garr, who was at the time Assistant Chief of the CHP Northern Division Office in Redding. Garr was off duty at the time of the incident and he had reportedly stopped in front of the big rig to block its way and confront the truck driver after some sort of perceived traffic slight on the freeway. CHP Administration in Sacramento sent an investigative report to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office for review. Shasta County D.A. Stephanie Bridgett’s husband works for the CHP so she sent the case back to Sacramento to be handled by the Attorney General’s Office. Garr is no longer employed by the CHP. The State Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the case in Shasta County Superior Court, alleging two misdemeanors against Garr, including reckless driving on a highway with wanton disregard, and for battery against truck driver Kenneth McFall. The other man in the video was apparently Paul Asnicar, who is listed as a co-defendant in the battery count.


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