CHP: Woman Driving Stolen Car Killed After Crashing Into Logging Truck

The driver of a stolen car was killed when she plowed into the rear of a parked big rig in Bella Vista Wednesday night. At 6:25PM, the 31-year-old woman from Chico was driving a stolen 2004 Toyota Prius eastbound on Highway 299. She had just passed Old Alturas Road at around 55 miles an hour when she turned the small car to the right and traveled along the shoulder of the road. Without ever applying the brakes, she ran the car right into the back of a unloaded logging truck sitting on the roadside. The truck driver, 64-year-old Daniel Ralph Cox of Montgomery Creek, was not injured. The driver of the stolen Prius, whose name has not been released, suffered fatal injuries. The CHP says drugs are suspected.


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