Crews Switching To Daytime Work On I-5 Expansion Project

Construction work on the Rdding Anderson Six Lane Expansion Project will be more noticeable to drivers starting next week. Effective Monday, the crews working on the RASL Project on Interstate 5 will be switching to day work. At this time, there will be no traffic control and no lane closures. However the 55 mile an hour speed limit will remain in effect 24 hours a day. Some motorists have expressed concern that, while the speed limit has been reduced, they didn’t see much construction activity going on during the day. The explanation provided was that changing the limit back and forth would cause confusion. When the 3-year, 132 Million Dollar project is completed, it will result in a solid six lanes of freeway from Cottonwood to the Hilltop Drive Overcrossing. It’s the first major change to that 7-and-a-half mile stretch between Anderson and Redding since the freeway opened in November of 1966. The project will also include a new median barrier and guard railing, as well as a new Anderson Creek Bridge and South Anderson Railroad Overcrossing.


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