PG&E Decommissions Power Line Near Camp Fire Ignition Site

PG&E has permanently shut down the power line involved in the start of last November’s Camp Fire. Cal-Fire identified the ignition point of the fire as the Caribou-Palermo transmission line. The line has been out of service since December. During its inspections, PG&E identified a significant number of high-priority conditions on the line, so it’s been abandoned. The utility also says that, through the end of May, the company has completed visual inspections of approximately 99 percent of its distribution infrastructure and visual or aerial inspections of approximately 98 percent of its transmission infrastructure in high-fire threat areas. It includes approximately 50,000 electric transmission structures, 700,000 distribution poles and 222 substations, covering more than 5,500 miles of transmission line and 25,200 miles of distribution line.


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