CodeRED Emergency Alert System To Be Tested On Friday

This Friday at 10:00AM, your phone may be getting a call from SHASCOM. There will be a test of the CodeRED Community Notification System. This test is to ensure public safety messages are reaching as many citizens as possible in Shasta County. If all goes according to plan, approximately 150,000 landline and cell phone numbers will be called. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can go to and click on the Code Red link to register. After the test is completed, there is no need to contact anyone that you have received the message. SHASCOM will be able to analyze the results in a database. If you do not receive the test call on Friday after you’ve registered for CodeRED, do not call the dispatch center or the law enforcement agencies. Instead, send an email to Jennifer Cogle from SHASCOM will be a guest Thursday on “Mornings with Gibson and Bremer”.


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