Several People Rescued From Unseasonably High Trinity River

Rivers are running heavy in Northern California and those who enjoy them are being warned to use caution. Two rescues have been needed in the past week on the Trinity River, according to the Trinity Journal. On June 18th Hawkins Bar Fire and Rescue was called after a 12-year-old boy at Trinity Village got caught in the current and swept downriver. A woman jumped in after him and she was also swept away. She managed to get a hold of the boy and get to the opposite shore, but then they were stuck there. A helicopter was unavailable so the department’s rescue swimmer swam across with two life jackets and a rescue board. Stations were set up downriver with rope and throw bags to fish all three of them out of the water. The woman and boy were both a bit beat up from the rocks. On Sunday about 5 miles downriver two people were stranded on each side of the river. They were picked up by a helicopter. The Trinity is unseasonably high, with about 2,000 cubic feet per second out of Lewiston Dam. With the added water from tributaries, gauges at Hoopa are showing 3,410 CFS.


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