Authorities Target Unlicensed Marijuana Grows In Trinity County

Unlicensed cannabis cultivation has become a major target of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which has served 15 search warrants in the Hayfork area just this week, according to the Trinity Journal. Trinity County has a very active legal and licensed cannabis industry, but many grows persist under the radar of government. Fish and Wildlife was assisted by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, the Forest Service, the State Water Board and National Guard Soldiers. Parcels were selected based on their potential threat to the environment, not their plant count. A total of more than 12,500 plants were seized, along with over 800 pounds of processed bud, 15 firearms and $436,000 cash. Officers documented 44 Fish and Game code violations and 53 Water Code violations. 23 suspects were detained, and charges will be filed with the Trinity County D.A.


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