SWAT Team Fires Tear Gas Into Home, Suspect Arrested

A wanted man held off Redding Police for nearly 7 hours before he was routed out by the SWAT Team. At 4:15PM Wednesday afternoon, Neighborhood Police Unit Officers arrived at a house on Miller Street, located off Cedars Road in South Redding. They were after 51-year-old Marty Winn, who had four outstanding felony warrants and a long history of violent crimes. Winn was confronted in the backyard but he turned and went inside, refusing to come out. The other occupants of the house were evacuated, and officers tried to talk Winn out of the house, but he wouldn’t budge. A little after 11 O’clock Wednesday night several canisters of tear gas were launched into the house and Winn was taken into custody by the SWAT Team.


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