APD Officers Arrest Chronic Offender Who Was Carrying Leaded Cane

This may be the quickest apprehension yet in the Chronic Offender Accountability Program. At about 12:30PM Friday afternoon, Justin Marshal Bauer of Anderson, was designated as Anderson’s newest chronic offender. Within a half hour APD Officers responded to a report of a possible subject with a gun in the Ventura Street area. Responding officers found Bauer, but he didn’t have a gun, but was carrying a large leaded cane. Bauer was found to have three warrants for his arrest, including an active AB109 warrant for absconding from probation. He was arrested on his warrants, as well as on a fresh felony charge of possession of a specified deadly weapon. Bauer was booked into the Shasta County Jail, where he will remain until the adjudication of his cases.


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