Man Who Broke Into Butte County Fire Station Sentenced

A Camp Fire looter who stole a firefighter’s truck has to serve jail time and pay restitution. On the day the fire broke out, 40-year-old William Erlbacher of Concow burglarized the Jarbo Gap Fire Station and stole a firefighter’s personal vehicle. Ten days later, the truck was found at a house in Chico. Witnesses said that Erlbacher and another man had arrived with the truck on November 8th. While parked there, Erlacher covered the license plate with a piece of wood and covered the back window with a blanket. When officers confronted Erlbacher, he admitted that he had taken the truck and broken into the fire station with 60-year-old Robert Depalma. Thursday, he was sentenced to three years formal probation and 48 days in jail. Because of extensive damage to the truck, he’s also being ordered to pay more than $6,100 in restitution to the owner. His accomplice,Depalma, will be sentenced on July 11th.


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