Deputies Make Several Arrests In Cottonwood During Probation Search

A report of a man verbally abusing people and picking fights in Cottonwood led to several unrelated arrests Saturday. Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies responded at around 9 O’clock looking for 37-year-old Mathew Miles. He was no longer at the place of the complaint, but he was known to frequent the home of 44-year-old Bradley Jordan on Country Estates Drive. In October of last year Miles was arrested on drug charges during a probation search at the house. Jordan was not home at that time but charges were filed against him for maintaining a place where drugs are used or sold. That led to his current status of felony probation. Based on this, deputies headed there to do a probation search. When they knocked on the front door, Miles could be seen jumping over the back fence to get away. He was quickly caught. Jordan was inside, along with Jessica Wright and Rachel Landis, who both had warrants. Deputies say drug paraphernalia was found throughout the house. All four people were taken to jail.


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